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This section highlights unique features of JEP that we have added based on a combination of user feedback and a desire to improve the study experience as a whole. For a full list of recent additions, visit our Updates Page.
Personal AI Assistant
Leveraging the power of the latest LLMs (ChatGPT), we proudly offer all students an AI assistant named Eupheus. Eupheus can:
  • Factually answer questions about syllabus content in seconds (see video)
  • Direct you to resources with relevant information
  • Automatically grade recall-style practice problems within seconds and provide a thoughtful explanation
Instantaneous Search

A benefit of digital content is that it can be efficiently searched. Search can be accessed from the top right of any page. Search results are broken out into the three pillars of content: outlines, notecards, and practice problems. Clicking on the search result will load that piece of content. For notecards and practice problems, the piece of content will be shown on its own, outside a deck / problem set, but it can be added to a deck / problem set via a button at the bottom of the page.

Screenshot of general search
Recommendation screenshot
Personalized Study Recommendations

Take the guesswork out of studying. By tracking your progress and analyzing your study patterns, we are able to provide you with personalized recommendations on what to study next.

Study Timer

Just Enough Prep offers a study time tracking tool that allows you to keep track of how long you have studied each day. We run the timer for you automatically - you can pause and restart the timer at your choosing. If you forget to pause the timer and step away, the timer will automatically pause itself after a period of inactivity.

The general recommendation is 100 hours of studying per hour of exam - so for GHDP which is 3.5 hours, the suggested study time is 350 hours. The tracker helps keeps students accountable for how much time is actually spent studying.

Study time dashboard screenshot
Study Buddy System

Students with a paid subscription can sign up to be paired with another student as study buddies for an exam sitting. We match on various criteria including timezone, desired meeting frequency, and study styles so that we can ensure the best fit between buddies.

The study buddy systems helps by:
  • Provides a unique opportunity to practicing explaining concepts to one another
  • Act as a support network, keeping each other on track with study goals
Instructor Access

With a subscription to JEP, you never have to study alone. As a student, you can leave a question on any outline, notecard, or question and your instructor will get back to you within 24hours. You can also use the "Contact Instructor" button located on every page to ask your instructor a question.

Questions can include, but are not limited to:

  • Questions about the content
  • Errata in the content
  • Feedback about issues with the website or areas of improvement
  • Questions about study habits and strategies
  • Career-related questions
Screenshot of contact instructor feature