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Outlines are the most detailed component of our content offerings and are the closest you need to get to the source material. Our course instructors have gone through both the source material and previous exams at a high level of detail, and filtered down a thousand pages of content to only retain testable information and communicating it to you in a simpler, more digestible manner.

screenshot of outline

screenshot of outline comment thread
How To Use
  1. Read through all the outlines once before you use any other piece of content to gain familiarity.
  2. Keep track of your completion progress, star specific sections to refer back to later, and begin / participate in comment threads with other students and your instructor.
  3. Try out the practice problems embedded in the outline to understand how this specific topic has been asked in previous exams.
  4. Using the built-in search mechanism, refer back to specific outlines as needed when studying notecards and practice problems in order to build more context and improve retention.
  5. Read through the outlines one more time as you get closer to the exam, to fill in any important gaps you may have forgotten since the first read-through.
Extra Goodies
  • Use the outlines dashboard to view your progress and find the next outline to study.
  • Marking an outline as read updates the dashboard with your progress.
  • Starring specific sections of text allow you to refer back to them later.
  • Have a question about a specific part of the text? Simply highlight the text and start a comment thread. Your instructor will get back to you within 24 hours.
  • Want to study outlines offline? You can download / print our outlines out and study them at your convenience.
screenshot of outlines dashboard