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The goal of JEP is to make your studying process as efficient as possible - i.e. provide you with Just Enough Prep. What differentiates JEP from our competitors is our emphasis on the user experience. Our instructors have used other common study materials including both MATE and TIA, and found that while the content coverage was adequate, the format that the content was presented in made studying both more difficult and unpleasant than it needed to be. Below is a list of features we strive to offer:
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Incredible User Experience
As unbelievable as it may sound, our goal is to make studying FUN. We believe this is possible by:
  • Automating the boring stuff - e.g. organizing notecard decks / practice quizzes, keeping track of problematic notecards, remembering to carry around physical study materials
  • Watching yourself grow - using our interactive dashboards, it is both quick and easy to watch your progress over time, not to mention find neglected areas of the syllabus where more time should be spent. We also have an automated timer that keeps track of how much time you have studied per day and in total to help you meet your goals.
External Support
Spending hundreds of hours studying for an exam, especially an upper level exam where you may be the only one at your company sitting, can be a lonely experience. This is why we have the Contact Instructor button on every page when logged in, so you can request help from your instructor about anything, be it related to the content or about studying in general, and get responses sent directly to your email.
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Comprehensive Content
All testable material on the syllabus should be covered in the course materials. This includes different study formats, such as comprehensive outlines, notecards, and practice problems. After learning all the material included in the JEP course materials, you should expect a minimal number of surprises come exam day.
Active vs. Passive Learning
  • Studies have shown that active learning is more effective than passive learning at improving both retention and performance on examinations.
  • The JEP platform strongly embraces this concept. While watching videos (passive learning) may feel comfortable and easy, it's not a worthwhile use of time compared to actively attempting notecards and filling in gaps in knowledge by searching through outlines for specific information (active learning). You should be actively chasing that "slightly uncomfortable" feeling if you want to be using your study time optimally!
  • What is active vs. passive learning? Read here for a more detailed description.
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